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  1. Curtis Lundy - "Never Gonna Let You Go" / "Jabbo Revenage" - NO DOWNLOAD JUST PRE LISTEN
    Curtis lundy

  2. The Judy Roberts Band (Coloured vinyl x100 copies only) - Never Was Love / Fantasy
    Judy Roberts - Never Was love (limited edition coloured vinyl version)

  3. 9th Creation Whats Shakin & Much Too Much - YELLOW Vinyl edtion
    9th Creation

  4. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Night moves 7" - Vinyl only no digital
    Frank McDonald & Chris Rae

  5. Barry Stoller - Long Weekend & Cool Character" (NO DOWNLOAD VINYL ONLY)
    Barry Stoller

  6. Barry Stroller - Funky Spider
    Barry Stoller

  7. K. Papworth - Hard Hitter / Decisive action - NO DOWNLOAD / PRE LISTEN ONLY
    Kieth Papworth

  8. Nick Ingram - Trip Wire / Throng - JUST VINYL RELEASE / NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
    Nick Ingman THRONG & TRIP WIRE

  9. Roy Ayers - "Everybody loves the sunshine" - "Lonesome Cowboy" - NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. JUST VINYL
    Roy Ayers - "Everybody loves the sunshine" - "Lonesome Cowboy"

  10. Sound Music 45s collection volume 2
    Sound Muisc 45s collection - Various artist

  11. Sounds Music 45s Collection Volume 1 - Klaus Weiss
    Klaus Weiss

  12. Various Sound Music 45s collection volume 3
    Volume 3 various artists

  13. Sound Music 45s collection volume 2 - ORANGE VINYL X150 EDITION
    Various artis Volume 2 limited edition

  14. Sounds Music 45s collection volume 1 Yellow vinyl edition x150 only - Klaus Weiss
    Klaus Weiss

  15. Sounds Music 45s collection volume 3 x150 RED VINYL only
    Various artist volume 3 Red vinyl version

  16. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - A Tear to a smile B/W Time & Space (NO DIGITAL NO DOWNLOAD)
    Roy Ayers - A Tear to a smile B/W Time & Space

  17. SALE SALE SALE - Roy Ayers Ubiquity 45s collection (PRE LISTEN ONLY NO DOWNLOAD NO DIGITAL)
    Roy Ayers Ubitquty 45s collection (NO DOWNLOAD NO DIGITAL)

  18. Patti Williams - Do You Know - Previously Unrelased song 1969
    Patti Williams

  19. Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle / I Like the way you do your thing. (vinyl only / no digital download)
    Little Beaver

  20. Lightinin Rod - Sport / Four Bitches - 7" (Only 33 copies Left - Gatefold - Limited edition Split Green & Beige coloured vinyl version X150 ONLY
    Lightnin Rod

  21. Lightinin' Rod - Sport / Four bitches - 7" Gatefold -PRE LISTEN ONLY NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
    Lightinin Rod

  22. THE LAST POETS - It's A Trip / Blessed are those who struggle - PRE LISTEN NO DOWNLOAD NO DIGITAL
    The Last Poets

  23. The LAST POETS - Tribute to obibi B/W E Pluribus Unum NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRE LISTEN ONLY
    The last poets

  24. LAST 3 COPIES LEFT - The Last poets - Truibute to Obabi - Coloured vinyl edition x150 marble red NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRE LISTEN ONLY
    The Last poets - triubute to Obabi

  25. LAST 12 COPIES - The last poets Its A Trip - limited edition purple vinyl x150 only
    The Last poets "Its A Trip" limited coloured vinyl edition

  26. FBI - "Keep on running" new mix part 1 & 2 - MARBLE GREEN VINYL EDITION X150
    FBI - Keep on runnning

  27. SALE SALE SALE - FBI - Keep on runnin - 7" part 1/2 (superb hot new DJ cut) NO DOWNLOAD JUST PRE LISTEN

  28. SALE SALE SALE - MATATA - I feel funky / Talkin' talkin' - 42 copies left - no digital no download

  29. SALE SALE SALE - Only £10! Carl Sherlock Holmes 45s collection / VINYL ONLY NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRE LISTEN ONLY
    Carl Sherlock holmes

  30. MOSAIC - Present tense / I'm Just A Primitive Bebop Caveman 7"(NO DIGITAL NO DOWNLOAD) First time on 7" vinyl

    Colosseum - ELEGY b/w THE KETTLE

  32. The Moments - Ride your pony / Sugar Sugar - NO DOWNLOAD 7" VINYL ONLY
    The Moments

  33. Stone Alliance - Sweetie pie 7" x12 copies left Black Vinyl edition x400 / NO DOWNLOAD

    Stone Alliance

  35. SALE SALE SALE - Dave Grusin - Kaleidoscope b​/​w "Straight no chaser" Classic Jazz Dance LIMITED EDTION X200 RED SPLATTER vinyl only (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
    Dave grusin

  36. SALE SALE SALE - Dave Grusin - “Kaleidoscope” & “Straight, No Chaser” (NO DIGITAL VINYL ONLY) BLACK VINYL VERSION
    Dave Grusin - Kaleidoscope

  37. SALE SALE SALE - Sweet Linda Divine (aka LINDA TILLERY) "White vinyl addition" - I'll say it again / Same place same time - NO DIGITAL JUST VINYL
    Sweet Linda Divine - I'll say it again 7"

  38. SALE SALE SALE - Sweet Linda Divine (aka LINDA TILLERY) - I'll say it again / Same Time same place - NO DIGITAL JUST VINYL ONLY
    Sweet Linda Divine

  39. SALE SALE SALE - BLUE VINYL EDITION - Frank Strazzeri - After the rain 45s collection 2x7" / NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
    Frank Strazzeri

  40. SALE SALE SALE - Frank Strazzeri - After the Rain 45s collection - Gatefold edition 2x7" FIRST TIME ON 7" FOR ALL (NO DOWNLOAD JUST VINYL)
    Frank strazzeri - After the rain 45s collection

  41. SALE SALE SALE - Jon Lucien - Mind eye 45s collection - NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / 2X7" VINYL ONLY

  42. Jon Lucien - Mind eye 45s collection LIMITED EDITION ORANGE VINYL X200 - NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / 2X7" VINYL ONLY
    Jon Lucien

  43. SALE SALE SALE : Brian Auger's Oblivion Express- Inner city blues / Voices of other times (NO DOWNLOAD, JUST VINYL 7")
    Brain Auger's Oblivion express

  44. Larry Youngs Fuel - "People do be funny" B/W "Turn of the lights" Original 7" version (LIMITED EDITION X200 BLUE VINYL - All numbered) - NO DOWNLOAD / NO DIGITAL Just listen
    Larry Young Fuel - Blue vinyl edition

  45. Larry Youngs Fuel - "People do be funny" B/W "Turn off the lights" Original 7" version (first time reissued on vinyl) - NO DOWNLOAD / NO DIGITAL Just listen
    Larry Youngs Fuel

  46. Voices of East Harlem - "Can you feel it" part 1/2 (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VINYL ONLY)
    Voices of east Harlem

  47. James Mason - "Rhythm of Life" (EXCLUSIVE 7" CUT) B/W "Good Thing" BOTH first time on 7" vinyl / NO DIGTAL DOWNLOAD
    James Mason

  48. PRE -ORDER Voices of East Harlem - "Little people" b/w "Wanted dead or alive" (NO DOWNLOAD JUST TO LISTEN)
    Voices of east Harlam

  49. 9th Creation - "Bubble Gum" / "Rule of Mind" (BLACK Vinyl, only no download)
    9th creation

  50. Weldon Irvine "Deja vu" B/W "I am" & "Bananas" (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS / VINYL ONLY)
    Weldon Irvine

  51. Weldon Irvine - "Fat mouth" B/w "Turkish Bath" NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / VINYL ONLY
    Weldon Irvine

  52. Weldon Irvine - "Mr Clean" b/w "Homey" NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / VINYL ONLY
    Weldon Irvine - "Mr Clean" b/w "Homey"

  53. SALE SALE SALE - The Whatnauts - Why Cant People Be Colors Too" / Souling with the Whatnauts / Message from a Blackman (No digital, no download)

  54. The Button down brass featuring Ray Davies "Superstition" / "Shades of Hades" (.."No Digital Download, Vinyl only"..)
    The Button down brass Ray Davies "Supersition" / "Shades of Hades"

  55. Hector Costita 7" Gatefold edition with insert and liner notes - "Avessos" / "Divagacao 6/8"
    Hector Castito

  56. SALE SALE SALE : Judy Roberts band "The other world" B/W "The river must flow" - NO DIGITAL JUST VINYL
    Judy Roberts

  57. Steve Parks - Movin' in the right direction / Just ask me - ONLY 27 COPIES LEFT
    Steve Parks

  58. Steve Parks - X200 (numbered) LIMITED EDITION BLUE VINYL (No digital just vinyl)
    Steve parks

  59. Roy Budd The Internecine Project (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) - ONLY 93 COPIES LEFT
    Roy Budd

  60. James Mason Sweet Power 45's collection (coloured vinyl repress) x300 only (NO digital download)
    James Mason

  61. FBI 45s collection - 2x7" Gatefold sleeve / Colour vinyl version x200 only

  62. SALE SALE SALE : FBI 45s collection - 2x7" Gatefold sleeve edition
    FBI 45s Collection

  63. Everybody Loves the Sunshine - Roy Ayers Ubiquity.

  64. Tommy Stewart - Bump & Hustle music / Fulton county line (NO DIGITAL AVAILABLE)
    Tommy Stewart

    Tommy Stewart

  66. The Perfect Circle - Limited Edition x250 Clear Dapple Gold
    The Perfect Circle (Gold dapple version x250)

  67. S.O.U.L - "Burning Spear" classic double (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

  68. Perception Double - Fatback band - Fatbackin' B​/​W The Real Mix (Dizzy Gillespie) Matrix - GREEN VINYL X150 All numbered
    Fatback band B​/​W Dizzy Gillespie (The Real Thing)

  69. Nanette Natal - Its Over B/W Love Signs (no digital download)
    Nanette Natal

  70. Nanette Natal - Its over / Love signs - Limited edition RED Vinyl x150 ONLY
    Nanette Natal

  71. 9th Creation - "Whats Shakin'" b/w "Much too much" (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)
    9th creation

  72. Feel It B/W New Morning (No Digital)
    Kitty Winter Gipsy Nova

  73. Feel It B/W New Morning (RED VINYL ONLY) no digital download
    Kitty Winter Gypsy nova (vinyl only, no digital)

  74. SALE SALE SALE - Boogie B/W You've just been bitten (No Digital)

  75. Fatbackin' B/W Matrix (No Digital) - Only 12 Copies Left
    Fatback band / Dizzy Gillespie (AKA The Real Thing)

  76. SALE SALE SALE - The Assembly line / Gonna blow your mind (NO DIGITAL)

  77. Black Caesar 45s collection (NO DIGITAL)
    James Brown and his JBs

    The Wild Magnolias

  79. Knowbody’s Gonna Love You (NO DIGITAL)
    George Semper

  80. 45s Collection (NO DIGITAL)
    Earth, Wind & Fire

  81. SALE SALE SALE - Let It Go (parts 1 & 2) (NO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
    KC & The Sunshine Band

  82. Got To Find A Way To Make Some Money / The Weight (NO DIGITAL)
    The George Semper Orchestra

  83. Monterey / Soul on your side (NO DIGITAL)
    The Rhythm Makers

  84. Shaft In Africa 45s Collection (NO DIGITAL)
    Johnny Pate

  85. The Perfect Circle / The Hands of Time (NO DIGITAL)
    The Perfect Circle

  86. You Made Your Bed / Scratchin' Only 11 copies left - dont miss out! (NO DIGITAL)
    Reuben Howell / Magic Disco Machine

  87. 45s collection (NO DIGITAL)
    Ben & the Platano group

  88. Lovely lady / Joy and pain (NO DIGITAL)
    Vernon Burch

  89. Step into our life / For real (NO DIGITAL)
    Roy Ayers & Wanye Henderson

  90. Searching (NO DIGITAL)
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity

  91. False Paradise (NO DIGITAL)

  92. Frozen Tundra Lady (NO DIGITAL)

  93. March Of The Goober Woober (NO DIGITAL)
    47 times its own weight

  94. Lolito's Theme - ONLY 21 COPIES LEFT
    Bernie Senensky

  95. Zulu Stomp - ONLY 19 COPIES LEFT
    Steve Grossman

  96. Feelings 45 Collection (NO DIGITAL)
    Stefano Torossi

  97. Fikisha (NO DIGITAL) SOLD OUT
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity

  98. Fio Maravilha / Bedeu (NO DIGITAL) - ONLY 37 COPIES LEFT
    Tania Maria

  99. Dreamflower / Jimi (NO DIGITAL) - ONLY 15 COPIES LEFT
    Tarika Blue

  100. Philopsis 45s Collection (NO DIGITAL)
    Jacky Giordano

  101. LAST FEW Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger / Schifters 45s Collection (NO DIGITAL) - ONLY 12 COPIES LEFT
    Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger

    Tarika Blue

  103. Revelation / Blue Neptune
    Tarika Blue

  104. Atlantis (NO DIGITAL) - ONLY 95 COPIES LEFT
    Daniel Salinas

  105. Diamonds 45s collection - ONLY 48 COPIES LEFT
    Roy Budd

  106. Get Carter
    Roy Budd

  107. The Black Windmill 45s collection - ONLY 62 COPIES LEFT
    Roy Budd

  108. The Stone Killer - ONLY 55 COPIES LEFT
    Roy Budd

  109. SALE SALE SALE - Port Authority Bus Blues Parts 1 & 2 (no download vinyl only) - ONLY 39 COPIES LEFT
    Port Authority

  110. Got To Get Your Own / Tight Money
    Reuben Wilson

  111. Coffy 45's Collection
    Roy Ayers

  112. He's Coming 45's Collection
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity

  113. Mystic Voyage 45's Collection
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity

  114. 2001 / Freddie's Dead - ONLY 14 COPIES LEFT
    The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds

  115. Mademoiselle / Tena’s Song - ONLY 56 COPIES LEFT

  116. Gangster Boogie / Why Did You Do It
    Chicago Gangsters

  117. I Can See Through You / Chicken Yellow - ONLY 78 COPIES LEFT

  118. Desire / Casa Fuerte - ONLY 55 COPIES LEFT
    Francisco Aguabella

  119. Right On / Doin' What We Wanna
    Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers

  120. Been To Canaan / It Don't Mean A Thing - ONLY 73 COPIES LEFT
    Alice Babs

  121. Never Was Love / Fantasy
    Judy Roberts

  122. Slewfoot 45s Collection - ONLY 85 COPIES LEFT
    Norman Connors

  123. Leo Sunshipp 45s Collection
    Leo's Sunshipp

  124. Windy C Collection - ONLY 15 COPIES LEFT
    100% Pure Poison

  125. George Semper - Pretty Lady - ONLY 28 COPIES LEFT
    George Semper

  126. Carcara
    Nancy Ames

  127. The Burg (Pittsburgh PA)
    Larry McGee Revolution

  128. Mighty Ryeders Star Children - - ONLY 9 COPIES LEFT
    Mighty Ryeders

  129. It's A New Day
    Skull Snaps

  130. Evil Vibrations Collection
    Mighty Ryeders

  131. Funny Girl / Dreams
    James Mason

  132. James Mason - Sweet Power Collection
    James Mason


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The intention with Dynamite cuts is to extend the beauty of the wonderful 7″single format with a series of Jazz, Funk & Soul movers and groovers, some anthems and some never before on 7″ perfect for the djs and the collectors a like. All with heavy card covers like the original LP releases but mini. ... more

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